Future Impact Program Database Usage

As mentioned in the User Guide, you are not limited to the 99 onboard sounds of the Future Impact v3, but can download any number of user-created sounds to load onto your pedal. The Future Impact Program Database is intended to be the main place for users to share their sounds.

The database is live and can be used but is currently still in the beta phase. As such, the Future Impact v3 User Guide does not yet contain a description of the database nor instructions on how to use it. This will be added in due course. Until then, the notes below should help get you started.

Accessing the Program Database from within the Editor

In the Help menu of the Editor, select Program Database. Your web browser will launch (or a new tab will open if your browser is already in use) and you will be taken to the Program Database.

Registering as a user

Though you can browse the database without registering, you will need to create a user account in order to gain full access to it. To do so, click on Log In at the top of the screen. In the dialogue box that appears, click Register. Enter your chosen username and your email address in the relevant boxes and click Register. You will be sent an email from WordPress with a link to complete the registration process. Click on the link and you will be taken back to the Program Database and will be given the opportunity to set your own password.

The Menu Bar

Alongside Log In/Out, you will see the following categories along the top of the screen:

  • All FI Programs
  • Bass: Shows all programs that are intended for bass.
  • Guitar: Shows all programs that are intended for guitar.
  • MIDI: Shows all programs that are intended for MIDI.
  • EWI: Shows all programs that are intended for EWI.
  • Effect:Shows all programs that are effects to be used with any instrument.
  • Bank: Shows folders which each contain a complete soundset of 99 files, numbered 1-99 so that they can be loaded straight onto your pedal using the Write All function.
  • Pack: Shows folders which contain multiple files but which aren’t necessarily numbered sequentially.

Downloading Programs

Click on the name of any Program, Bank or Pack and you will be taken to its own page. At the bottom of that page is a button to download the program(s). Some banks and packs may allow you to choose individual files from within the folder to download (by default all are selected).

Uploading Programs

To upload an individual program or multiple programs, click on the Add new icon. You can then specify a title (you should use the same name as the Program name if you are uploading a single program). You can add a description and up to 3 categories. If you are uploading multiple files, we suggest that you choose only “pack” for the moment. You can specify whether users can download individual files from within a pack or only all files at once. The My Programs icon will show you all of your currently uploaded content. Here you can edit, add to or delete any of it.